Painted Lady Tattoo & Healing Arts

 Into the Green Light 

Sacred-Conscious personalized care is a specific eclectic hybrid experience with Angela.  It is a session that will not only highlight, but honor the entirety of you to be offered and allowed space to unfold in exactly the way that you are needing to during any session.  It is an experience that has no agenda other than to meet you right where you are at.  It is an opportunity to be heard and empowered to ignite yourself to take in the time and space to walk with yourself sacredly and consciously.  As space holder and facilitator, Angela will utilize compassion and intuitively guided professional skills to assist in the unfoldment of the session.  

Every session will start out conversationally to allow for the sharing and drawing out of what exactly is at the surface asking to have deeper attention given to it to bring nourishment and resolve to whatever it's calling roots are.  

The tools utilized in each session will always vary as the energetic vibrations que, change and redirect the conscious and active process of restoration and resolve that is taking place. 
Methods utilized may be:
‚ÄčAcupuncture/5-needle protocol
Floral Essences
Essential Oils
Sound Therapies
Tui Na Massage/Acupressure
Choosing Sacred Conscious Healing Art Care......
When we want and need our care to go deeper, be gentler, and simpler.  A "just for today" stylized practice is here.  It is designed in the acknowledgment that the pieces of readiness are present right now as you come for a session.  There is an absence of this is right and that is wrong or the "broken and fixing" model.  Sacred Conscious Care beholds the reality that; This is what we have, and we are now going to sacredly and consciously work with it.  At some point we want something that is submerging in nature.  A deeper plunging space into our conscious living care capacities in our regiment of eternal existence and evolution of being.  A submersion that honors and reflects the living of a conscious-sacred life.  This life with intention that each moment is as it is, and that our hearts are open and bodies ready for what is and what we may be blessed to come forth in the highest good for our co-3 dimensional existence.