Painted Lady Tattoo & Healing Arts

 Into the Green Light 

Syren is committed to sharing her knowledge, awareness, and experience of personal transformation in a sacred way with purity of intent, honor, truth, and reverence for every energetic exchange offered whether through Tattooing, Energy Work, Kambo, or other Modality.  Over the past 20 years she has been immersed into many different works including Sacred Tattooing, Reiki, Kambo Practitioner, Intuitive Energy Healing, Vibrational/ Sound Frequency Therapy, and Essential Oil and Crystal Therapy avenues. She holds space during your process in a way to empower you in an aligned environment and with the right tools to assist on your journey in whatever way that may be.

In 1999 she began her own journey of healing, evolution, self discovery and metamorphosis by entering into the Sacred Art form of Tattooing learning the art and craft of bringing thought into visible form on the human flesh in profoundly meaningful ways that affect the body, soul, and spirit through sacred imagery and intention. This field has allowed her to evolve over the many years in perception, consciousness, path, and expanded direction.  

Syren has worked with spiritual teachers and groups in many U.S locations and Peru. She always seeks more knowledge, further awareness, transformation, expansion, and self healing. She is a certified Kambo Practitioner, Reiki Master, Licensed Tattoo Artist, with a BA in Interior Design and Art. 

Always following her own inner guide knowing every single experience is a great teacher. Syren has used her vision, energy sensitivity, and intuitive abilities to achieve clarity, wholeness, and integrity with all that she does. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge of healing and personal expansion with others in a way that is loving, aligned, and professional.

"Tattooing is an ancient and very, very sacred art form​ and I treat it as such.​ The ability to create a transformative piece for you is a true gift, honor, and treasure.  A way to speak in imagery endless volumes what your life unfolds onto your skin with the pulsation of the tattoo machine. My intuitive abilities along with your needs create a perfect collaboration of vibrational art. Your rich life experiences and my visual interpretation coincide for this. I am grateful to be a part of your path as you evolve. This is not "just getting and receiving a tattoo", this is an active and divine participation and ​practice. The studio itself is a sacred space for this.

I take great pleasure and pride in creating custom artwork and making sure the tattoo design application is tailored to you. Every one that embarks on this sacred journey deserves aligned intent, absolute professionalism, courteousness, a relaxed and fun environment, and sacred creation and care during the entire process. All of these are my absolute priority with each and every one of you." 

In love, deep gratitude, and endless blessings always,