I have been completely entranced as an artist since getting my first crayons at the age of 3. Since then I've explored and reveled in just about every media I've been able to from drawing and painting, fashion sewing and batik quilting, jewelry making, photography, and beyond. I thoroughly enjoy making something unique from a thought, a found object, or absolutely nothing. I am very fortunate and honored to have been able to spend my entire life immersed in infinite​ creative avenues. I look forward to creating something truly transformative and extraordinary for you. I am eternally blessed to be part of your path in your process.

Tattooing is an ancient and very, very sacred art form​ and I treat it as such.​ The ability to create a transformative and love infused piece for you is a true gift and treasure.  A way to speak in imagery endless volumes what your life unfolds onto your skin with the pulsation of the tattoo machine. My intuitive abilities along with your needs create a perfect collaboration of vibrational art. Your rich life experiences and my visual interpretation is something I treat as a sacred ceremony from start of the design process, set up, and into the tattoo creation procedure. As a Reiki master I also infuse the tattooing process with Reiki love and healing energy as an overall experience. This is not "just getting and receiving a tattoo", this is an active and sacred divine participation and ​practice. The studio itself is a sacred space for this.

I am absolutely humbled that I ​am able​ to be a part of something so transformational and divine that signifies and memorializes your individual journeys on your breathable canvases. I truly experience great reverence and gratification with every single tattoo I create. I absolutely cherish designing something special that will be worn your entire life, working with each unique soul, hearing your wonderful stories, and being a part of your journeys. I take great pleasure and pride in creating custom artwork and making sure the tattoo design application is tailored to you. Every one that embarks on this sacred journey deserves pure intentions, love, absolute professionalism, courteousness, a relaxed and fun environment, and sacred creation during the entire process. All of these are my absolute priority with each and every one of you.

Over the years, my tattooing experiences have been vast and varied, however transformative, sacred or spiritual, sacred geometry, blast over tattooing, dot work style, geometry, and meaningful ​subject matter are my specialty and preference. ​ In addition, crystals, essential oils, and various healing modalities have greatly impacted my life and I have witnessed positive effects on countless others. What better opportunity for me than to share not only my abundant ​intuitive gifts and ​creative talents with you, but also to offer many services in the healing arts such as Reiki as a Reiki Master, a Kambo Practitioner, Crystals, and Aromatherapy.

I am sincerely humbled that every day my gifts and abilities are expelled into endless creations of a multitude of designs and healing offerings! My love and pure intentions are constantly infused into my work. I am just as touched by the beautiful souls I meet as they are by their transformational experiences.

In love, deep gratitude, and endless blessings always,


            "Nothing glows brighter than the heart awakened to

                 the light of love that lives within it."


Painted Lady Tattoo & Healing Arts